Scrip Orders


Order gift cards from your favorite stores and your student earns a percentage of each card purchased. The percentages range from 3% to 28% depending on the store. For example, Safeway and Fred Meyer both offer a 4% return. If you order $500 from Safeway for your monthly groceries, your student gets $20 deposited into their band account and you have the full $500 in gift cards to spend. Your favorite restaurants, grocery stores, clothing stores, home stores and more are all part of our scrip program. Have a look and see what gift cards you could use.

Get your friends and family to purchase gift cards through our program and your student benefits even more. Our Scrip Coordinator has been ordering scrip for about a year and half and her son has over $800 in his band account from just her orders.

Our long-time, local scrip company, Tigard Scrip Center, works with you filling out an order form and returning it, along with a check, to the band office on designated dates. The gift cards are delivered to the band office one week later. Tigard Scrip Center features many local grocery chains.

We are excited to introduce Great Lakes Scrip Center, where the orders are placed online and the money is directly withdrawn from your checking account. This eliminates the need to drop off an order and a check at the school. To use Great Lakes Scrip Center you will have to register with the scrip company and get set up with direct withdrawal through Presto Pay. Below are the links to the web sites. After you follow the instructions to get your account set up, it is so easy to use. Go online anytime and place your order where it waits until we download it the day the orders are due.

These two companies offer a wide variety of vendors; Great Lakes introducing more national chains, such as WalMart and Target, to our scrip program. We are going to continue to use both. Have a look at what is available, place an order for the gift cards, and earn free money for your student.


How to order: Complete the Scrip Personal Order Form and mark one of the boxes. If you mark the student box, the profit % will go into your student’s individual band account. Don’t forget to fill in your student’s name! If you mark the general band fund box, the profit % will go into the general band fund. Enclose a check (no cash or credit allowed) Place the order in the locked box in Mr. Henson’s office (it is labeled “Scrip”).

When to order 2014-2015:
Order Due: 9/4 Thursday Due by end of school Pick Up Date: 9/11
Order Due: 10/2 Thursday Due by end of school Pick Up Date: 10/9
Order Due: 11/6 Thursday Due by end of school Pick Up Date: 11/13
Order Due:  12/4 Thursday Due by end of school Pick Up Date: 12/11
Order Due: 1/8 Thursday Due by end of school Pick Up Date:  1/15
Order Due: 2/5 Thursday Due by end of school Pick Up Date: 2/12
Order Due: 3/5 Thursday Due by end of school Pick Up Date: 3/12
Order Due: 4/2 Thursday Due by end of school Pick Up Date: 4/9
Order Due: 4/30 Thursday Due by end of school Pick Up Date: 5/7
Order Due: 5/28 Thursday Due by end of school Pick Up Date: 6/4
**Summer SCRIP dates to be announced.

How do I get my order? Gift cards must be picked up in person in the band room between 2 :50 pm – 3 :05 pm on the pick up dates listed above. Please indicate and sign the Scrip Order Envelope if it is OK to send the order home with your child. If your child will be picking up your order, please write their cell phone number on the Scrip envelope.


Please check out the following web links to get all the information on our new scrip company,

This scrip company is online only so please sign up for Presto Pay to have your payment automatically taken from your bank account. As of now, we cannot accept checks for this company.

The Enrollment Code for Oregon City High School Band is A91F9CF835591.

Shop With Scrip Family User Guide
Shop With Scrip login and Account Setup

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